In a previous post, I mentioned that 2018 is what I’m calling The Art of Divine Flow.  We are tapping into so much spiritual knowledge and also needing to figure out a way to ground it and take inspired action from that guidance.  Flow comes in many forms.  How you treat your body, the energy in your home and office, what you think and much more.

This year we will see many opportunities to simplify and take the easy path.  “Yes”, we say, “more please.”  And yet, we all can get caught in our ways of controlling how that simplicity shows up.  This year manifestation is huge.  What you focus on and desire can show up in an instant, and also if you are not honoring your soul promises, other situations will show up to tell you to get back on track.

Over the last days, many people have been overthinking things and getting in their heads much more.  Or they simply are not receiving or asking for the help needed to make things easier.  The old way of doing things that needs to figure it out, tough it out, or be in charge can actually impede flow right now.  

Here’s an example from my life recently.  I have had a vision showing up for me over the last 3 years.  It’s coming to fruition in a way I didn’t imagine.  As a woman who loves a good plan, I was compiling my strategy and plan now that I know the pieces.  Programs, and events were easily structured.  And then I felt the need to create another business strategy of where and when to share my free content.  After all, that’s what smart businesswomen do.  I hit a wall.  Every day it was on my list to figure out.  Every day nothing came when I combined both my soul vision and practical action self.  I began to doubt myself.  Question my other plans.  Compare myself to others who have it “all figured out”.  And then I stopped.  It was all getting so complicated.  This year is all about flow, simplicity, ease, grace, and divine inspiration.  Since I wasn’t experiencing any of that, I knew I was out of alignment on this issue.  I tuned in and took a dream journey.  I saw myself writing and creating content how I always do.  Guided by inspiration and intuition.  Spirit has the strategy.  I just need to do the work and channel the information to convey to others.  

And that’s why you are receiving this today.  It’s how I’m guided to work.  Does that mean that having a content strategy is a bad thing?  Not at all, if that’s your process.  It just wasn’t mine.

Where in your life are you making something too difficult?  Waiting for the exact plan?  Trying to do it yourself?  Doubting your abilities?

How can you take care of what you do know and then leave the rest of the details up to Spirit, God, Universe?  Bring in more simplicity? Clear out the mental clutter?  And believe in more magic?

That’s the energy of now.  Connecting in with your divine flow.  It will be different than how you did it in the past.  Because it is easier! 

Enjoy the ride!  It’s an amazing time to be alive.

P.S.  Are you looking for a spiritual mentor to help you through a life or business situation right now?  Feel free to contact me at

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