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Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Heart

Hello everyone.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sending you all much love.

In the last week, I have been speaking with people about being comfortable knowing things and not knowing how you know it.  It’s just a sign that you are tapped into a deeper wisdom, and it shows with the work you do with your clients and how you interact with the world.
The other day, I was reading a book and came upon the phrase, “seeing from the eyes of your heart”.  I have been saying this for years, and I understand it at a deep cellular level.  Whenever I would talk about it, people would light up because they loved the expression and what it meant.
So, imagine my surprise and delight when I saw it in a book about a topic that is dear to my heart.  Shamanic wisdom that is heart based.
My message to all of you is to let your wisdom flow, open up, don’t question, trust.  We all are connected.  Expand even more into your true self.
So….for those of you who want to know a little bit more about seeing through the eyes of  your heart, I will be sharing more on my blog, and also here.
What does seeing with the eyes of your heart mean?
The basic idea is that so often we get caught in our heads, feeling pain and challenge because of someone else.  Most often, we have seen their inner nature, their essence, their heart.  Or we have felt it.  What is possible, and what their gifts are.  It’s awesome to be able to do that.  And at the same time, you need to let go of the results.  The other person has the option to live their life in their ways.  They might not want to become that version that you see with your heart.  Then it is time for deep compassion.  Everyone goes on this path and does what they are called to do.  We need to honor that.
That is not only seeing through the eyes of the heart, but loving from that heart based space.

Now all of this is relevant in your personal relationships, with yourself, and also with others.  Those you coach, mentor, interact with.  Those you call on the phone for strategy calls.  Those you meet who might be clients or not.  See the best in them, and give them the power to decide if they want to rise to that or  not.   And just be love.

The Energy of Jealousy

So today, there has been an up and down type of energy happening around.  People are feeling down, and then getting more energized.  It’s an up and down thing.

The commonality has been what I call the energy of jealousy.

When people are judgmental about your successes, or try and put you down, most often they are jealous.   And their energy goes out like pins to a pincushion.   And you become that pincushion.

If you are energetically sensitive, then you might feel it more.   And more often you will feel it if there is some subconscious belief that for some reason you don’t deserve it.  Or you need to hide it.  There can be a feeling of hiding your gifts, and stifling your ability to create an amazing life.

So, if you have felt this tug and pull thing today, sit down, take some breaths, and imagine any negative energy leaving you.  Then get really clear on how you get to step up in the world, and follow the signs on how to create your reality.

And guess what?  You will be even more public than before.  And that’s great.  The world needs your gifts.  And isn’t it about time that you got them out into the world.

Have fun today shifting things up.

P.S.  Also, if for some reason you have been envious of any people today…you know what to do.  Clean it up, and be happy for them.  What we put out matters.

Dreaming Fiercely

The energy of today February 4, 2015, the day after the full moon is intense and so illuminating.  If…you choose to listen.

It is the energy of fiercely staking out your territory.  Revising your plan.  Dreaming big.  Coming up with many ideas and being open to opportunities.  And it is about living life to the max in the process.   And being one of the people who came here to change the world.  It’s time.

This song by One Republic called “I Lived” really shows the energy of today.  Enjoy.  Click HERE to listen to song.

Revelation of a New Beginning

Today is the full moon….and a lot of you are feeling it.  I know, because I have received messages from a lot of you asking me what is going on.

In past posts I have spoken about following the clues.  Thinking from a new perspective.   Letting go of outdated ideas.
So, today is interesting.  Many of you have had challenges in the last couple of days, or have felt very emotional.  There has been something brewing.
Last night you had a major shift.  If you remember your dreams, something changed.  And if you don’t remember….something still changed.
If you are struggling and pushing, then take a break and listen to your inner voice.  Or get someone on the phone that can help you get to the issue at hand.
Something needs to change.  You get the opportunity to share your wisdom with more people.  You are being asked to embrace more simplicity in your business and life.  You also are being asked to lead in a whole new way.
And most importantly….what you do in every aspect of your life has to come from a lit up place.  A place that ignites your soul. 
What is something new you are going to do to honor this beautiful and intense full moon? 
When you do something bold, the results will be even bigger.

Life is easier when you truly listen.