Welcome to YOUR community

Most of you have been told:

  • You need to follow the rules
  • Your ideas are too crazy
  • You can’t say the word spiritual in business
  • To be accepted for who you are, you have to be quiet
  • You are selfish
  • You are too wild, aggressive, bold, powerful
  • You can’t have great relationships, and be financially successful

You probably  also;

  • Sacrificed a lot to get to where you are right now
  • Have ideas that can radically alter people’s lives
  • Invested a lot of time, work, and money into your craft
  • Take 100% responsibility for your life

You most often live (or have lived) in two worlds.  The competitive one of your business and the secret one of your spirituality.

Guess what?  You are not alone!


You are part of the new paradigm of spiritual rebels who get things done!  Who have amazing ideas….and create them!


You know that you are going to leave the world better in some way.  And you are not going to wait until someday.

Your motto is….”If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?”

Because of this intense calling and desire to make a big difference in the world, you find yourself stressed, working too hard, taking on another generation’s ideas of how things need to be done.  You might find yourself burned out, not living life, and feeling alone.

At times, you walk a fine line of money consuming you or being a big factor in your decisions, and you want help to live your life.

Actually, you want help so you can experience your life and have fun.

It’s time to go to the root of who you are, what is holding you back, and what is making you shine.

Massive shifts happen when you are clear on who you are and living the life you want while having the business you desire.


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Dreams, Illusions, and Miracles

Dreams, Illusions and Miracles: We are in the month of dreaming new dreams for ourselves, creating new goals that align more with our soul, letting go of old patterns and beliefs, and connecting in with our intuition in new and exciting ways.   As a society we have...

Today: The Energy of the Dreamwalker

The Energy of the Dreamwalker Have you ever had a dream that rocked you to your core?  Or an event in your life that you knew would change how you view everything?  It could even be a knowing inside that you just can’t put your finger on. You just know in your...

The Hidden Secret

I’m going to be in upstate New York next week giving a workshop at Camp Good Life Project (Aug. 27-30) with Jonathan Fields and his amazing tribe.  Let me know if you are going, and let’s connect.  I went last year and absolutely loved it. Want to know...

It’s Time to Move!

Hello everyone! It’s Time to Move!  It’s the energy of these times as well as a personal reality for myself.   We are moving back to our home state of Minnesota!  (You can now visualize the Snoopy “Happy Dance” here  :))  Those of you who know...

Energy of Power

Last week I finished off the last of my 4 city tour, “Awaken Your Spiritual Rebel”.  I would love to thank Lisa Milich of Inspired Living for hosting this event in her Inspired Living Collaborative in Bristol, RI.  It was a great time with amazing people....

Putting Your Soul on Hold

Putting Your Soul On Hold! This theme has been up so much lately with a lot of people.  Partly it is how people have been used to approaching spirituality.  How they have been trained to do things. At times with spiritual events, it has been considered something...

Boundaries, Settling and Changing the World

Boundaries, Settling and Changing the World [Over the last week, I have added some more events to my schedule.  Check below the article for more details on those.  Minneapolis July 10.  New Rochelle, NY July 15;   NYC (private event) July 19;   Bristol, RI July 23rd....

Live on the edge of time.   Where innovation happens, creativity soars and movements are born.