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Timing Is Everything!

Timing Is Everything!

This week I gave a teleclass on the energy of 2015, and one of the ideas I spoke about was how to close out 2014 in style.   This year has been amazingly insightful for everyone.  Intuition is picking up.  We just “know” things and wonder where the insights came from.  For some, 2014 was a huge challenge, a wake-up call, or a testimony to the fact that you are doing what you need to be doing.

Wherever you are on that spectrum, it’s time to start closing out 2014 with compassion, gratitude, and most importantly awareness.   When you can see your patterns with extreme clarity, you will not repeat them (unless you consciously choose to do so).

Take some quiet time, create your own sacred space in whatever way that is.  Light a candle, burn some incense, have coffee, tea or wine…..and of course, chocolate does wonders.  :)

Go over every single month this year.  Write down what were the wins, the challenges, your energy level.  How was that month for your life, and your business? (Yes, it is important to look at both because they work together)   Did one overshadow the other?  Now, take all those insights and uncover the true learning lesson for you.  How are you a stronger person?  What habits, behaviors did you leave behind?  When you took time off, did you notice your business pick up?  No matter what was going on, there is always a learning lesson.  Let it go with compassion and gratitude.  And for some of you, you might want to take the new habits into the new year with more awareness.

This article is entitled, “Timing Is Everything”.  And is about being in rhythm with your unique way of being, and seeing how that weaves together in the marketplace, and your personal life.

After I do this year long review with my life and business, I track when I have the most energy, when things flow easier for me.  That’s how I plan my business launches, as well as the time that I know I need to take for myself.  I find that when I don’t honor this process, things get challenging for me in so many areas of my life.

This year has been a soul searching year for so many.  And this month in particular is still letting go of what no longer serves the life you want to live, as well as the business you want to continue to grow.  For many, even though you feel a rush to accomplish great things, and make a lot of money, or whatever is your goal….you might hear a voice telling you to slow down.  Listen.  Reflect.  What has heart?  What does your heart want?  And then you can take aligned action.

Have any questions or comments?  Post them below!   I love interacting with all of you!  It’s more fun that way!

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 P.S.  When you really take the time to do this exercise, you will have cleared out a lot.  Many of you will notice more ideas pop up for your life and business that you couldn’t access before.  Letting go can be beautiful.  As long as you do it with grace, ease, compassion, and awareness.

Are You Trapped in an Old Dream?

This has been an interesting month for so many people.  Your intuition is really kicking in and asking you to take bold, creative, and innovative action with how you do things in life, as well as business.  And you are being asked to let go at a deeper level physically, emotionally, spiritually and/or in your business.

I have spoken with a lot of people lately who are trapped in an old dream.   Living an old paradigm.  So, what do I mean by that?  It could be a dream that you had years ago, that has seen its time.  A dream someone else had for you and somehow you took it on.  A dream for something different that just didn’t happen.   It can even be a specific launch that totally jazzed you, and you see it isn’t working.

The challenge is that when you don’t let go of those dreams, you become trapped, and unable to see the new one just right in front of you.  And it’s there.

Right now many people are being shown many new ways of doing things or total overhauls on what is possible.  And it seems scary even though it has massive potential for liberation.


Here are some things that will stop forward moving action

  • Not giving yourself time to meditate and get quiet to listen to your own personal wisdom.
  • Getting stuck in the idea that it has always worked before, so it must continue to do so, even though times have changed.
  • Fear.  What if….
  • Desperately grasping for the new thing.  When you grab, your fist is clenched.  And nothing can enter.  It’s the same with your ideas.  You need space for them to enter.
  • What will other people think?

I encourage you to take one thing in your business and life and give it a make-over.  Let go of how you did it in the past.  What needs to happen for you to connect at a deeper soul level?

Here are some ideas:

  • Revamp how you work with clients
  • Create new packages or programs that jazz you
  • Contact colleagues that you haven’t connected with for a while and get fresh perspectives.
  • Create a new organization system that works for you
  • Create new ways of connection
  • Create new sales copy that feels alive and gets attention

It’s your time to step into your new dreams.  Sometimes that means getting rid of some of the foundations in place.

Have fun.  Dream big, and bold.  And take action.  Your intuition wants your attention.

People are waiting for creative and innovative solutions right now.  They are tired of seeing the same thing out there with slightly different words.  How are you going to step into that space and be on the leading edge?   That’s where your destiny is…in life and business.  


Why Is Everything Such Hard Work?

Why Is Everything Such Hard Work?

You have heard it a lot lately.  Business building is hard work.  Life is hard.  Having a great relationship is hard.  It’s how we are wired.  To believe that when something is hard, then it is worth it.   To believe that suffering and struggling is noble.

We are gearing up for a year in 2015 when these things will be said more and more.   Many of you feel it in the air starting to percolate now.  A little bit more aggression, complaining about others, exhaustion, challenge, blaming, focusing on the negative, and…

Everything. Has. To. Be. Hard. Work.

Now, I’m a firm believer in aligned action, divine timing, strategy, and focusing on what truly matters to get amazing results.  If you are here to make a difference in this world, you need to take a lot of action.

And I have to admit….I also used to be a believer that everything had to be hard work.  And it got me exhausted, hair falling out, feeling depleted, depressed, and just going through the motions.  I was truly bored and uninspired.

It was a sign of slow soul loss.  A lack of creativity and a connection to deeper meaning and purpose.  And all of this does affect money, business, health, as well as relationships.

You are stepping into a time when you can create something amazing, innovative, profitable and fun with your business and your life.   In order to quantum leap your progress, it helps to know about the energy of the times.  As well as your own energy.

I will be sharing more as this year progresses to give you glimpses of the year to come.

The Day My Therapist Fired Me….

The Day My Therapist Fired Me, and Why It Matters to You…..

Back in the late 90’s, I had been seeing a therapist to help me with some issues in my life.  I would understand what he said, implement changes, and still wasn’t able to feel like I was making spectacular changes.  Yes, I got out of challenging relationships, and honored myself more, but still there was something missing.  A lot missing.

And then one day, he said I was fired.  Well, he was nicer than that.  :)   He said there wasn’t anything else he could do for me.  And I knew he was right.  I was analyzing way too much.  I was in my head way too much.

I was bummed out and embarrassed.  After all, who gets fired by their therapist?

Soon after I came across energy medicine, shamanic work, and dream interpretation.  I experienced some deep energetic work, and broke through issues that I had been working on in therapy.

I went back to my old therapist, and told him what happened, and showed him some writing and pictures I had drawn  He was shocked at the shifts that I had in a few months, that I never could get to after 8 years with him.

And ever since, I have been a massive believer in honoring the energetic, the signs, the dreams, and the synchronicities that come our way.  Because it cuts the learning curve and saves countless years.  In fact I devoted years to this to help others take this easier path.

I’m sharing this story with you because many of you (or your clients) are in this same situation of getting wrapped up in the head, and out of touch with the soul’s message to you.  In these last few weeks, many of you have been in your head a lot more.  Automatically misinterpreting events in your life, believing the most challenging, putting up with struggle and much more.  There have been moments of pride, and letting the ego rule, instead of the heart.  Holding on to the past, when it should released.  Not asking for support and toughing it out.   Just be aware, and begin to shift that.

Right now, many of you have the opportunity to save weeks, months and years in issues that have been holding you back.  To get out of your head and into your heart.

I’m hosting my last event this Sunday Oct. 26th in Bristol, RI.  It’s the last of my three city tour that has been amazing and revealing for everyone who participated.  I will NOT be doing any of these again any time soon.

In this one day intensive (for 15 people or less), you will see how you create your destiny in both your life and your business, find a new vision for what you are being called to create, let go of struggle and suffering, trace ancestral patterns that are holding you back and let them go, tap into your creative side, and much more.   You will get out of your head, and into your heart where the true transformation takes place.  You will experience a lot of energetic and shamanic work to experience profound and beautiful shifts.  And…..because I’m also a head person :) , you will have explanations of what to do with this information.  And learn how to implement it into your life and your business for more soul, money, and time. 

Here’s more information on this transformational event this Sunday, Oct. 26th from 10-4.


If you have any questions, please email me at and I can answer your questions right away.  This is an experience and transformation you just can’t afford to miss.  See you in Bristol at the Inspired Living Collaborative!!!!