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He told me I was a liar!

The other day I posted a photo on my facebook page of Machu Picchu and mistakenly put that I took it in 2000 after hiking the Inca Trail for 4 days.  Someone immediately got on and told me to “stop lying”.  My first reaction was anger because I assumed he was saying I didn’t take the photo.  Then I took a breath and calmed down.  The truth is….I have no clue what he was referring to.

As I looked closer, I realized it was a photo from 2008, after an amazing trip with the shamans.  It was pretty much from the same place I had been back in 2000.

So the reality is I wasn’t telling the truth.  I then changed it on my facebook page.

So, what does that have to do with you and your life and business?

As I got to really thinking about “lying” and what it meant for me, I began to see parts of my life and business that I have not been completely truthful with myself.   Kind of evading the truth.

This year will bring up all kinds of things for everyone to be in divine alignment with their soul’s calling, their business, and their life.  And many of you have been feeling it even more intensely these past few weeks.  Something is off, not quite right.  There are delays.  And it also is a time to get clear on where have we been not being totally honest with ourselves in some way.   And you know what?  This also directly affects your money and how you live your life.

Here are a few “lies” that entrepreneurs tend to tell themselves at times.   And I have been guilty of many of them as well.

  • Not doing exercise
  • Not eating well
  • Not doing as many sales calls as needed
  • Not listening to intuition
  • Holding on to situations that no longer serve
  • Not confronting issues
  • Not getting clear on money
  • Not tracking money
  • Being okay with acting mediocre
  • Playing small
  • Not speaking your truth
  • Not dealing with relationship issues popping up

And the list goes on.

Now…..I do believe it was harsh for the man to use the word “lying” regarding a photo of mine.  However, it got my attention.  And that is how this Universe works.  It does whatever will get our attention.

My question for you today is where are you not divinely aligned and how are you going to change that.

Pain vs. Desire

I have spoken with a lot of people lately who want to make a change and are incredibly stuck, stressed, overwhelmed.  They are in pain.  Either physically, in relationships, financially, in business.  They are in pain spiritually not knowing what they are being called to do.

Pain is a motivator.  It pushes people forward. 

But it doesn’t sustain the dream.

Only desire does that.  Desire pulls you forward.

The desire for an amazing life and fulfilling business.  The desire to do what you love and get paid well for it.  The desire to create, to inspire.  The desire to make a difference in some way.

Desire comes from  your connection to Source.

A business built only on pain or avoiding pain is not as fulfilling as one based on desire and what more is possible.

Where are you feeling stuck?

Pain will push you only so far to the results.  Then desire needs to step in.  Your vision.  Your dream.  Why you are here on this earth at this time.  And then create a concrete action plan around that.

How do you choose to live and do your business?  After all… is your choice.

What You Resist Persists

What you resist persists.   We have heard that phrase over and over.   And I know for many of you, it brings up all kinds of painful issues that you feel you need to deal with.  In life, and business, we will always have issues.  How we deal with them is key.

So…. what if what you are actually resisting seeing is your dream?  Is your intuitive guidance continually knocking on your door?  But you were too afraid to open it because you expected challenge?

What’s really on the other side of that door?

I think you might be pleasantly surprised when you open it.

Tell me… what did you find?

Reinvention Times

On July 1st, it would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday.  He passed away 7 years ago from Emphysema.  Three weeks before he passed in September, I visited him and my Mom and saw that he was making a grandfather clock. He was hooked up to a huge canister of oxygen and could only go as far as the cord would allow. I asked him what he was doing. “Making your clock”, he said. It had sat in a box for over 30 years since I never stained the pieces. He made all of his kids a grandfather clock once they did that one thing.  For whatever reason, I never did it.

Time was running out for him.

I brought the clock home a week before he died. It was the only one he ever made with that certain moon phase on it, which is quite appropriate for who I am. He wanted to make sure it worked before he died.

My Dad did not believe in the spiritual work that I did.  It just wasn’t his thing.  However, after he passed, I have sensed more connections with him at odd moments.

There have been many times that strange things have happened with that clock, and each time I pay attention. The moment when I was getting ready to eat, and a client called, and I stopped everything to deal with a perceived emergency.  The clock stopped all of a sudden.  Then a week later, I did the same thing…..I didn’t honor my body and was working overtime.  It stopped again.

It was as if the clock were telling me that time is precious, and life is meant to be lived, not sacrificed. 

There are so many other stories that have happened with that clock.  The key message for all of you is how do you honor your time?  And where do you sacrifice yourself because of not enough time.  Life is short, and it is meant to be lived.

When was the last time you said in your business that you just didn’t have time to do something you loved?  Or that everything is taking up so much time?

Make sure you create a new relationship with time.  Let go of the past that drags you back.  Set clear goals and focus on tasks at hand.  Decide ahead of time how much time you will dedicate to a project and stick to it.

And with the extra time you have created….enjoy your life.

Every time I see that clock…..I realize that time is so very dear and precious.  It can go so quickly and every second counts.  And in those moments, I remember that life is meant to be living, and the way I do my business can either add or detract from that.

Sometimes through death we are given the greatest gifts.  For me, it wasn’t just a clock (although that was an awesome surprise).   It’s also the reminder about living life in the moment, taking care of myself, and not having regrets.

How can you have more of an aligned relationship with time?  Make a commitment, and you will see your business shift, and your life become more enhanced.