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Is It Intuition or Fear?

Honing and following your intuition can be exciting.  And it will push you out of your comfort zone a lot, since it is our connection with Source that is directing things at the moment.   And this exciting feeling most often feels like butterflies in the stomach, slight discomfort at first.

It’s the same feeling we have with fear.

So, how can you decide which one is real?

Take time to process what is going on.  When coming from the thinking side of the brain, it most often is fear.  When accessing your feelings it often is intuition.

Intuition is usually a flash of insight.  The second doubting comes afterwards and can totally ruin the connection you have had.

Most often you will see multiple signs confirming your intuition.  Don’t give it boundaries.  I hear all the time when people say that they are waiting for a specific sign that their intuition was right.  They are so rigid and expecting one sign, that all the other ones fly right past.  Be open.

When you are really connected with yourself, you will notice that the intuitive ideas actually feel amazing and the possibilities are exciting.  Fear immobilizes and constricts.

Take deliberate and constant action.  Intuition is sparked by action.  The Universe loves to see that you are constantly moving ahead and with that, you will have more flashes of insight.

Fear is mostly created out of inaction.  It produces more of a stuck and immobile feeling that is hard to shake.

This year is a 7 year in numerology.  An opportunity to connect with your intuition on a deeper level.  All of you are feeling it.

My question.  Are you acting on it?

Combining intuition with concrete actions and smart business principles creates some amazing shifts both for yourself and your clients.

Here’s to a lot more intuition shaking it up a bit!

How to create a new foundation that inspires

This month many of you are feeling that need to create new support structures, foundations, ways of living that jive with who you are and what you are here to share with the world.

And you want to do it in a way that fuels you and brings you joy.

This month you are hearing a lot more from that intuitive side of you nudging you to change things up a bit.  To truly tap into what inspires you and makes you come alive.

Inspiration literally means to breathe life into.  So….how are you doing that for yourself?

Here is just one tip that will keep you going.  See where you are making decisions and where minutes just pass by quickly.  Where are those moments where you waste 2-3 minutes in something that can have a much more effective system?  It is scientifically proven that the more decisions we make, the less willpower we have.  That leads to more time churning out activities in your business that could be used for living a more joyful life.

Get clear on your schedule.  Make sure you prioritize what you want to do and why that enhances not only your business, but your life as well.  Limit your intake of social media for certain times of the day.  Make sure to schedule in those activities that fuel you, that inspire you….and don’t forget to do them.

Clean up your mental mind chatter and start a meditation practice.

The more you get things out of your head, the more productive you become.  And the more you truly see your purpose in this world, and figure out how to do it.

In that mad rush for productivity and more, we lose the essence of what is all around us.

Here’s to seeing and living more of your amazing life while serving your purpose.

The Honest Truth About Coaching

I have had so many people coming to me asking me to give them the “real” answer to coaching.  Also, others who have a challenge seeing why I invest so heavily in coaches and support team. 

 Here’s what I know and what I have seen.

  1. You will not get results if you are not coachable.  That means if you feel you are more special than others, you will have challenges.  If you believe the coach doesn’t get you and you know better, then something is off. If you are working with someone, there is a reason of something you get to learn.
  2. Are the money promises real?  Yes….and no.   If you are willing to be the person worthy of receiving more money, you will make it.  This means letting go of limiting beliefs, habits, and much more.   If you are unwilling to go out of your comfort zone and put in quite a bit of work, then the answer will be no.  But it’s not the coaching….it’s you.
  3. I don’t like marketing and just want to do what I love.  Then have a hobby business.  To have a business means the whole thing.  Marketing, sales, and much more.  And your decision is perfect for who you are.  The key is to be real.
  4. What is the best book to read?  I get this all the time.  People want to read a book on money and change their money story.  And it doesn’t work that way.   You have to embody the change you want to have.  And be guided by someone who has been there.  Books alone don’t do that.  People do.

 So, why do people such as myself, and others invest so heavily in coaches?  It seems like at some point we wouldn’t need them.    The truth is, we have a big mission, and big missions involve having lots of support on all fronts. 

The benefits of coaches are immense.  You get out of your own way (because someone shows you your blind spots).   You learn new trends in the marketplace that you were not aware of before, and this cuts down on errors and time lost trying to “figure it out”.   You meet new people who have the same beliefs as you.   With new information, you are more informed to help your clients grow at an even faster rate.  You make more money, and live your life differently.

And the key to all of this.  Choose your coach carefully.  You will know who it is.  It’s that person who keeps on popping up all the time, or who has you excited, and slightly scared at the same time.   Just make sure and get what you need to truly grow, and not just what will  keep you comfortable.

Spirit lives outside of your comfort zone!  And so do the amazing results in your business!

And you know what?  What was uncomfortable only a couple of months ago, now is your new normal.

It’s time to get radical!  If you are interested in a Complimentary Radical Breakthrough Session in the next 10 days, go HERE to sign up. 

Are You Ready?

“Are you ready? It’s going to go fast.” I have been journaling those words over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been coaching my clients around it and getting them in action. And I’m living it. And so are you…..

It’s the energy of the times we are living in. Those who are prepared will skyrocket. And it is all about preparation. In my Spiritual Formula for Radical Change (which I created after seeing what’s happening with so many of my clients), I noticed a couple of things.

Many spiritually minded entrepreneurs focus on the wrong question. They keep asking, “What’s my purpose?” They feel that once they have that down solid, then they can grow a huge business and impact a lot of people as well as make great money. The truth is that there are two phases that need to be worked before you even access more depth to your purpose here.

It’s the preparation. In order to be the person that is going to rock out your business and serve your purpose, you have to do a lot of personal work. And yes, I know all of you have done tons. That’s why you are radical.

Here are some things that most people don’t realize need to be done in business to go further.

1. Do you have a system set up with how you deal with networking contacts, leads for possible clients, follow-up from events you attend or speak at, and follow up and calling back people after they have done strategy sessions with you? This is the art of relationship, and you need a solid system in place to go further and help more people.

2. Are you clear with ALL of your money? How much money is coming in, what’s going out? What you owe others? What you owe in credit? What you need to earn for basic needs? What you want to earn to live well? This is your relationship with your money, and if you are not in a good and loving relationship with it (whatever it looks like), then you are not ready to step into your purpose in a bigger way.

3. When things get busy, do you take care of your body? Eat well? Exercise? Rest? Meditate? Journal? All of these are critical and part of a basic foundation that will keep you afloat and your business when times get a bit crazy.

4. And finally, the big one. Are you truly ready to see and claim your amazing gifts at what you do and tell everyone, even if it’s not popular with every person you know? Are you willing to step up and stop hiding and claim your truth? One way you do this is staying clear on your prices of what your services are worth and the transformation it offers. This is where I see most people trip up. And it keeps you from seeing more of your purpose here during this time.

So, my question as always. What actions are you going to take today to get ready? It’s coming fast! And it’s your time to be with that wave. Wouldn’t you agree?

Please post what you are going to do on my blog. It’s time for everyone to inspire others.

Here’s to your radical change, serving your purpose, making more money, and being the amazing spiritual being you are!