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Making Money vs. Manifestation

This August marks the three year mark where I put in my resignation letter at the University after teaching there for 21 years.  I decided to follow my passions and pursue my business full time.  And I took a deep dive into money and spirituality that took me on the ride of my life.


This month is an 8 month in numerology.  It’s about power, getting things done, money, manifesting.    This month can bring money challenges or amazing breakthroughs.


The first thing many people think of with the 8 energy is money.    How can I make more?  Why don’t I have it?  Why did I lose it in the past?  Why do I have it now, and I still  don’t feel happy?


It’s an amazing energy, and one not to be taken lightly.


Manifestation is a word used to focus on what a person wants, and then to bring that into existence.  I find that for many people they can do that with manifesting parking spaces, concert tickets, people to help with repairs, and even money in certain circumstances.


Where does it get tricky?  When you are being asked to be completely and boldly you.


I have seen countless people say that they wanted to do something that would have them step out in their business in a big and bold way, and they would manifest the money.  And it doesn’t show many times.




Because the person isn’t aligned and ready to accept their destiny how it shows up.   And instead of addressing this big issue of who they are and how they want to show up in the world, they blame the money for not showing up.  Or they blame the money for ruining relationships, health, and the list goes on.

Money is an energy.

Manifestation is a sacred process where you learn how to make money with grounded and practical structures, and then you leave space open for Spirit, God, Universe to guide you in the next phase of your destiny.  You need both pieces: practical actions and spiritual insight.

And the key to it all……

Just BE you!

And that is one of the most difficult things us humans are learning in this world.

So, next time you think of making money and manifesting what you want, get super clear.  Who are you?  How do you want to walk in the world, and how do you want to live your life?

Then ask yourself if you are ready to learn what is needed and change where needed.

Then align your business around it.

You will be surprised what shows up.  And how much easier it is.

Do you have more questions on money and spirituality?  Please post them in the comments below and I will answer them.

He told me I was a liar!

The other day I posted a photo on my facebook page of Machu Picchu and mistakenly put that I took it in 2000 after hiking the Inca Trail for 4 days.  Someone immediately got on and told me to “stop lying”.  My first reaction was anger because I assumed he was saying I didn’t take the photo.  Then I took a breath and calmed down.  The truth is….I have no clue what he was referring to.

As I looked closer, I realized it was a photo from 2008, after an amazing trip with the shamans.  It was pretty much from the same place I had been back in 2000.

So the reality is I wasn’t telling the truth.  I then changed it on my facebook page.

So, what does that have to do with you and your life and business?

As I got to really thinking about “lying” and what it meant for me, I began to see parts of my life and business that I have not been completely truthful with myself.   Kind of evading the truth.

This year will bring up all kinds of things for everyone to be in divine alignment with their soul’s calling, their business, and their life.  And many of you have been feeling it even more intensely these past few weeks.  Something is off, not quite right.  There are delays.  And it also is a time to get clear on where have we been not being totally honest with ourselves in some way.   And you know what?  This also directly affects your money and how you live your life.

Here are a few “lies” that entrepreneurs tend to tell themselves at times.   And I have been guilty of many of them as well.

  • Not doing exercise
  • Not eating well
  • Not doing as many sales calls as needed
  • Not listening to intuition
  • Holding on to situations that no longer serve
  • Not confronting issues
  • Not getting clear on money
  • Not tracking money
  • Being okay with acting mediocre
  • Playing small
  • Not speaking your truth
  • Not dealing with relationship issues popping up

And the list goes on.

Now…..I do believe it was harsh for the man to use the word “lying” regarding a photo of mine.  However, it got my attention.  And that is how this Universe works.  It does whatever will get our attention.

My question for you today is where are you not divinely aligned and how are you going to change that.

Pain vs. Desire

I have spoken with a lot of people lately who want to make a change and are incredibly stuck, stressed, overwhelmed.  They are in pain.  Either physically, in relationships, financially, in business.  They are in pain spiritually not knowing what they are being called to do.

Pain is a motivator.  It pushes people forward. 

But it doesn’t sustain the dream.

Only desire does that.  Desire pulls you forward.

The desire for an amazing life and fulfilling business.  The desire to do what you love and get paid well for it.  The desire to create, to inspire.  The desire to make a difference in some way.

Desire comes from  your connection to Source.

A business built only on pain or avoiding pain is not as fulfilling as one based on desire and what more is possible.

Where are you feeling stuck?

Pain will push you only so far to the results.  Then desire needs to step in.  Your vision.  Your dream.  Why you are here on this earth at this time.  And then create a concrete action plan around that.

How do you choose to live and do your business?  After all… is your choice.

What You Resist Persists

What you resist persists.   We have heard that phrase over and over.   And I know for many of you, it brings up all kinds of painful issues that you feel you need to deal with.  In life, and business, we will always have issues.  How we deal with them is key.

So…. what if what you are actually resisting seeing is your dream?  Is your intuitive guidance continually knocking on your door?  But you were too afraid to open it because you expected challenge?

What’s really on the other side of that door?

I think you might be pleasantly surprised when you open it.

Tell me… what did you find?