I am so grateful for the work we did together! When I first reached out to you, I knew that I could trust you and that you have deep and rich skills… But I had no idea what shamanism was. Still, during our very first consultation, it was clear to me that you do something with energy that creates incredible shifts, and so I trusted my intuition and signed on with you. What a great decision that was!

When I came to you, I was suffering a crisis of confidence, I was worn down by the stress of my personal life, and I felt like I’d lost the spark I need to thrive. The most evident problem was that I’d gone from being a skilled public speaker with great reviews from my audiences to feeling terrible stage fright, stumbling over my words, and not thinking or communicating clearly when I did speak. I actually stopped speaking for a time because it just seemed to get worse and worse.

Two days after our VIP day, I gave a speech and felt strong, confident, clear, and capable, and I got rave reviews again. You’ve given me back something I love to do and a major revenue stream in my business.

Other results are that I feel calmer; I know how to relax, clear my mind, and focus; and I’m able to trust my own intuition again. My business has unleveled (I just made a proposal for three times what I would have in the past, and the client is thrilled with the opportunity), which means that I’m making more money while making a bigger impact.

As I tell you periodically, I still don’t understand quite what it is that you do… But I understand and love the results.

Thank you!

Julie Fleming

Lex Innova Consulting, Lex Innova Consulting

Katie Humphrey

Award-winning Entrepreneur and Author of “Elizabeth Hazel and The Day of Desires” , Katie Humphrey

When I first started working with Monica my business and life felt completely out of my control.  I really wasn’t even clear on what I wanted, I just knew that I was struggling with balance and managing both being an entrepreneur and being a mom and wife.  The work I did with Monica completely transformed every aspect of my life.  It is hard to put into words, but the truth is that while I thought I was a confident and successful woman, I had no idea how much personal power and spiritual gifts were untapped.  In a nutshell, our work together brought me fully into myself.  I now understand my innate power, purpose, strength and ability.  In the year we’ve worked together I’ve created a business that has increased my income exponentially and also given me the freedom to live a full and joyful life.  With Monica’s wisdom, support and guidance, I’ve stepped more fully into my spiritual gifts and power, I am making more money and working less.  But best of all, I am living a full life and doing everything I’ve always dreamed of.  I’ve created an amazing family life, full of fun, presence and quality time as well as a business that allows me to get paid while sharing my gifts with the world.
Monica is by far the most powerful, compassionate and life changing coach I have ever worked with.  She has helped me reclaim my life and I am eternally grateful for her gifts.
Stacy Hartmann

Transformational Business and Lifestyle Coach, Stacy Hartmann

Annalicia Niemela

Yoga and Pilates Instructor, and Health Coach, Health Beauty Peace

Monica Kenton’s compassion, boldness, spiritual wisdom, and business prowesscreates a unique and powerful resource for those looking for transformational results in their lives.

I decided to work with Monica several years after some devastating business and personal losses.   I knew I was ready for some changes, because I was tired of feeling stuck and hopeless. While in my mind I hired her for business reasons, Monica’s compassion and spiritual insight began a journey of grieving and healing so I could set a new course and breathe new energy into my business and life.   She also provided me with valuable strategic guidance and tactical advice on my business affairs, with a very heavy emphasis on personal care, which was critical for me at that time.

Of particular note was her unyielding commitment in holding the space for healing, release, transformation and empowerment – all which helped me regain my confidence, understand and appreciate my gifts, and create a business model aroundthem.

Monica lives what she teaches, leveraging her gifts in her own unique way. Spiritual Rebel, yes – along with Transformational Teacher and Guide.

Alison Haugan

Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

When I started working with Monica, I was in sorry shape! My old stories about money had me all twisted up in knots. I believed I was trapped in lack, that I had to choose between being creative and happy and being responsible and a good mother – I couldn’t have both. I believed I was destined to live a pretty crappy life and it was killing me. Monica helped me release my old stories about money and not having or being enough (POOF, gone. Just like that!), reconnect with my wild and crazy side while also grounding myself, and design from scratch a life and business that are perfectly and deliciously me. It was radical. It was fast. It was a helluva lot of fun. And it saved me.

You know, my head wasn’t sure if I could or should work with Monica, but my heart pounded yes, yes, YES. I’m sooooo glad I listened to my heart. It’s way more trustworthy than my head, anyway! Thank you, Monica, from the bottom of my kooky little heart.

Nicole Urbach

Rebel Mystic and Do-Over Artiste, Nicole Urbach

To be a business owner is easy. To be a successful, money making entrepreneur is not. There are a million moving parts in the entrepreneurial machine; drive, ambition, skill, motivation, mental, emotional.

Although I am very successful in my business there was something missing and I wasn’t quite sure what that was. Then I spoke to Monica and everything changed for me.

I realized I wasn’t connected to the deeper level of the entrepreneurial ‘spirit’. The spirit is the oil that keeps the entrepreneurial engine purring. Working with Monica I reengaged with that spirit both personally and professionally. That connection has opened up my heart and mind to the greater possibility within me and within my clients. My business has grown 25% since working with Monica and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I know now how to tap into that entrepreneurial spirit when I need a boost of energy. It’s the piece of the puzzle that was missing for me and now I feel complete and armed with the a solid business platform, mindset and skill set to take my business to the next level.

Odette Laurie

Business Coach for Entrepreneurs Wanting to Build 6 and 7 figure businesses, Business Women on Top

There is a fabulous quote I read somewhere about the fact that there is never a ‘right’ time. If you wait for your ducks to be in a row, for the confidence you need, for certainty, etc; you’ll be waiting forever. So when I signed up for one of Monica’s group programs, I made a decision. It was truly time for me to make a change. I had tried so many other things, but I made up my mind that this was going to be life-changing. And it has been! It’s difficult work, but I’ve trusted Monica’s advice and guidance and have been able to stretch myself in ways I never thought I could. I have begun the work I’ve always known I was meant to do. As the group program started to end, I was fighting with myself about whether or not to continue working with Monica. I didn’t yet have the financial resources to make a commitment to being her private client. But I took another leap of faith and signed up for 6 more months on one on one work. The next day I got 3 new clients. I have made massive shifts in the way I think about my business, tripled my income, and gained countless new insights in my professional and personal life – all in a couple months. The first shamanic session with her at the beginning of our private client work was very transformational. I let go of more old patterns in that one session that I have in YEARS. The best part is, I get to share this with others. I get to share the fruits of this incredible transformation with others to make their lives better. This gift I have given myself just keeps giving!

Nicole Nardone

Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Transformational Guide, Nicole Nardone

“I met Monica almost 4 months ago at an event that she was speaking at, and was immediately drawn to the possibility of working with her.  I knew it was time for me to take on my money, and I knew that she would be able to relate to me and my work, as she also relied on her energetic work to support the change that people seek in their life.  This was my work!  I have been in the healing arts for over 16 years and have been barely able to support myself.  I knew there was something wrong with this picture, and had done a lot of work around it in the past…but I was ready this time!  Ready for some “radical change”!!  And so I took a leap of faith, and took Monica’s word that if you invest in yourself, even more will show up!  And I want to tell you, it’s true!!

In all of the years of my practice, I have never had any consistency in my income, though intermittently could have $5000 months. Over the last few years, however, those had been few and far between.  Certainly I had also diverted my focus some from my practice by launching a homeopathic lubricating gel for women, but that also was still not getting much traction by the time I started working with Monica.  

Let me tell you in a nutshell what has happened in the last 3 months.  I have had 3 months of over $5000 in income, my last month actually coming in at over $11,000.  My product has landed in the Spirituality and Health magazine for September, and sales are increasing.

But the best thing is that I get to use all of my gifts in a much bigger way, and the bigger I get, the bigger my vision gets. And that, frankly, rocks my world!!

So if you are considering working with Monica . . . if she “resonates” with you in any way. Let me tell you, I am pretty sure you won’t regret it!  And aren’t you worth a leap of faith?!”

Michele Brookhaus

Homeopath, Beyond Well and Yoni's Bliss

If knowing and living your truth is an ambition you have, then by all means Monica is the mentor for you! What I wanted to do in life was somewhat in formation but being able to see the big picture and my own niche was very cloudy to me. Monica has a very down to earth (literally) way o
f working with you. You definitely feel her powerful energy and direction as she guides you. She has the knowledge to take you to where you need to go and then you choose to do the work or not. Radical changes do take place however they almost seem mystical as they appear out of nowhere! My gratitude also goes to Monica for taking me out of hiding in alcohol! I had pretty much relied on alcohol every night for about 25 years. It covered my pain so I wouldn’t have to face my truths, however the ironic thing is the false beliefs that hold us bondage are so much more painful than the truth!! I knew after my last Shamanic session with Monica that something really awesome had occurred! It was the unveiling of my truth and beautiful new life! Monica is in my heart forever and she was brought to us to make a difference….actually a radical difference in who we are and what we are here to do! May your spirit feel the power and energy Monica has to offer.

Bonnie Kutter

Transformational Coach, Bonnie Kutter

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Monica this past year in a private coaching program. Our 6 months together were healing and transformational for me as a person and for my business. I walked away with tools that I will continue to use throughout my life. When we first started to work together I was unfocused, unsure of where to start and going through a great deal of emotional processing. With tender, loving care and an occasional soft kick in the butt, she was instrumental in helping me see the ways I was sabotaging myself and she was able to pull me back on course. Last year, my business income tripled and this year I have already exceeded that number and I’m on my way to possibly tripling last years income or more!! I would highly recommend her as a coach and healer for someone like me who needed business structure, a gentle but firm hand and intuitive guidance along the way. Take the leap of faith like I did, it will be well worth it. She won’t let you down!!

Marie Georgopulos

Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor, Heart Transformations

Well, I must say Monica Kenton has a unique way of Igniting the Brilliance in me! With her gentle yet laser focused business coaching, shamanic clearings and holding the energetic space for me, I was able to see crystal clear WHY I have the deep passion to do what I do. Having to recreate myself after a life changing illness had its challenges. With Monica’s business coaching and insights, I feel and see that the challenges are the opportunities and gifts that hold messages that guide me to helping my clients.

Coaching with Monica Kenton has and continues to be the best financial investment for me personally, and for my finances and personal and business relationships. Honestly, once I said yes to manifesting the money to invest with Monica’s group coaching, it truly was the first day of the rest of my life! I let go of the resistance and truly began to see myself as a recognized and trusted authority in my field of expertise –Healthy Living on Purpose! Within a couple of weeks I noticed a significant shift in energy in which other wellness practitioners and clients approached me with collaboration opportunities. I began to see new and more effective ways to get my message out to targeted groups. I am much more confident in who I am. I know that what I do brings value to my clients in life transforming ways. Thank you Monica!

Paula Quinlan

Holistic Consultant, Paula Quinlan Consulting

I recently completed Monica Kenton’s Step Into Passion, Step Up to Profit program. Working with Monica is an amazing experience – she provides the perfect blend of business savvy with inner wisdom and shamanic practices to clear out limiting energies and beliefs

I am now working on building my business in the right way for me while   aligning my passions and gifts – look out world, I’m bringing in my gifts with greater clarity and power! Thanks so much Monica

Moira Hutchison

Intuitive Coach, Wellness with Moira

Clarity, Ease and Joie de Vivre!
Speaking as a business professional, I’d say that the money I’ve spent for my sessions with Monica Kenton is probably the most wisely spent money —  the best investment — I’ve ever made.  Why?  ROI, return on investment.

What returns have I seen?  I have an ease of living, a clarity in life, a sense of purpose and relaxation that I’ve never before experienced.  Decisions are easier to make; carrying them out has been effortless.  Before, life felt like an uphill marathon on a sweltering day while being chased intermittently by cougars and monkeys.  Now life feels gentle, like a leisurely swim across a clear cool lake, watching the puffs of clouds float past.  Oh yes, and I laugh more now, much more!

Reading this, one might think I’d won the lottery or quit my job to feel such peace.  Not quite. But both my professional life and my financial situation have improved considerably.
Monica, I thank you for ALL that we have accomplished together!!

Lydia O.

Senior Business Analyst

“Monica – you so ROCK!!!! Xo

I was lucky enough to experience Monica’s “money contract” exercise and see a real transformation in my income. At the time, I participated and was open to what she was doing, but didn’t think much of it except for the tears I had when it was over. The following month, I nearly doubled my revenue and had my first $10k month. Since then, I have increased my revenue every single month. What a breakthrough! Thank you Monica for being such a leader in this industry. You have changed my life just by knowing you.”

Katie Humphrey
Health and Empowerment Coach
Author, Revolution of YOU
Professional Speaker
Spokesperson for Insulite Laboratories

Katie Humphrey

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Ready to Experience More Soul in Your Life and Business?

Join the Movement that Will Shift How You See Energy in Your Business, Finances, Love Life and Creativity with Weekly Access to Ancient Wisdom for Practical Results.

We don't like spam either. Your name will not be shared. Welcome to the tribe. Powered by ConvertKit

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