Who Are You Becoming?

I was talking on the phone with someone who wanted to desperately create her new business to be happy, and was physically and energetically drained.  I told her that it is important to have a strong foundation within herself before creating a business.  After all, our businesses reflect ourselves.

It’s frustrating at times to see what is possible and then not have it immediately.  But who do you need to be to access that person in your future visions?  What new beliefs do you need to embody to easily be that person?

In my previous post I mentioned revealing the layers.  It goes two ways.  First, revealing what really matters to you, and not what you have been conditioned to believe is important.  Second, to reveal what really is hidden beneath your wants and desire and having them now.  I see it all over for myself and others.  For me, it was wanting to do my shamanic work full time when I started training and avoiding the cluttered and messy house I had.  After the first week long shamanic intensive of 8, everyone was so envious that I was on summer break from teaching and could process at home.  It was the last place I wanted to be since it was so messy and cluttered.  It represented my life at the time in so many aspects.  To make it even more intense, most of my friends and family were out of town.  I was face to face with my own creation in my own home.

Since that realization 9 years ago, I have released 95% of that older version of me:  truckloads of possessions, houses, old relationships, beliefs, hurts, regrets and old dreams.  Now, that was what I knew I needed to do, and I had avoided it for years.   I couldn’t imagine the amazing life I now have because of that.

What is under the layers for you?  What needs to be transformed first in order to go for that future vision you already sense or see?  Is it health, home, relationships, a spiritual practice, your relationship to work, or something else?  It is usually something you have been avoiding for a long time now.

Start to become that amazing future version of you.  You will be amazed at what shows up.


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