Hello all of you wonderful souls!  And welcome to the new people that I have met recently.

So much has happened since I last wrote talking about the energy of August.  I know you all felt it.  There was a lot of energy around tapping into your true power, your passions, or seeing where you get to amp those up.

This month of September can be a real game changer for many of you.  We are in the year of Letting Go of the Cultural Trance that we stepped into.  And this month, is the pinnacle of that energy.  There will be a lot to be cleared, as well as claimed.  It’s an amazing and powerful energy this month.

I just recently did a podcast for Alexandra Jamieson on the energy of September for her group “Clan of the Crave Bears”.  It is combined with another woman who speaks about dairy cravings.  I know you will love Alexandra’s podcast and the work she does.  She is one of the biggest rebels I know out there in the food world.  Check it out here and leave a comment so she knows where you heard about it!   Click HERE for the link.

So….now to the topic of this ezine.  
When There Is No Place to Hide…..It’s Time to Soar!
Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and you knew that the words you were speaking or the excuses you were giving no longer resonated with you?  They just didn’t work anymore?
Or you asked for clarity on a subject and Spirit, God, Universe answered immediately, and it wasn’t what you were expecting.
You may even have had some really wild ideas that truly jazz you, and then hit overwhelm and exhaustion.  
You question yourself.  Who am I to do this?  Can I do it justice?  Do I have it in me?  What will people say?  Will people still think of me as a capable and intelligent woman?  Will I be all alone in the end?
These are a lot of the questions up for many of you the rest of this year.  And it started coming on strong for many of you a few days ago.  

So…..I could end my story right there.  You have a lot of information for the month to go forward, and you know I will send more.

But you see, there is no place for me to hide anymore.  And I’m being asked to share my story since I know many of you can relate.  The stories will be different, but the essence remains.  

Last week I went on a road trip with my husband.  I was going to a camp for entrepreneurs called Camp GoodLife Project with Jonathan Fields.  It was 3 days of fun, learning, great food, and camping in bunks with 400 other people.
I was back in New York where last year I experienced spiritual awakenings and insights that shook me to my core when we were living upstate for a month and a half.  There were moments I thought I was going crazy.  However, I knew it was the history of the land speaking to me….and way more.  Eventually I knew when it would be time to tell that story.

I have been at camp for one hour, and we are guided to have bunk bonding with all the people in our rooms.  We go through the exercises, and I speak about being a shaman and the challenge it has been for me to claim it.  They rally, and tell me to do something on it for them.

I then begin speaking with a lovely woman about spiritual topics, and for some reason talk about what happened to me in upstate New York the year before.  I wonder what she will think.  She gets massive goosebumps.  She then tells me, “You know, I lived 2 houses down from that place you mention 10 years ago.  I didn’t know what was happening to me, and thought it was me and what I was going through.  Now, it makes sense.  Thank you.”

There is no place to hide.  My intention for camp was to know what I am here to share. 

Next, I am guided by Spirit to offer a shamanic meetup among 20 other offerings during one of the breaks.  This isn’t a spiritual camp, so I anticipate only a few will show.  But I know to always take action on what I’m sensing.  It was one of the only meet-ups completely full.  And there we were.  Out in the open, under a tree, with the rattle going, and me channeling songs from the earth.  It was powerful for those who showed up, and also for me.

Sometimes in the fear we forget that others are forever changed with the gifts we are here to share.  

I am a shaman.  I discovered my spiritual self in my mid 30’s.  I’m white.  I’m a former academic.  I’m a business woman.  And, yes, I even do online programs.  I’m not traditional.  I am me.  And I’m guided to do it differently.

And there still are times where just like you I wonder, why me?  Will I do this knowledge justice? I wasn’t born into this.  And the list goes on.

However, when I tap into my heart and soul, I feel truly alive.  This is why I was born.  And I don’t have to know how it will unfold.  After all, that is the beauty of the journey.  It’s all about taking action on deep spiritual values and creating a unique path.  It’s about a deep sense of trust.  
Welcome to September.  This energy can forever change you as long as you are willing to follow your soul and the amazing guidance of the Universe.  

There is no place to hide.  

And that is an amazing thing!

I would love to hear your comments below!

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