Thoughts for “Step Into Sacred Time”

Time is an illusion. We put so much into it. We don’t have enough of it, we need to manage it, and schedule it. And the truth is that we need to live it. Every single precious moment of it. We feel this calling inside to do greater things. We keep on waiting for the right time. And we forget something. We forget the real answers. The ones that we are remembering from a past long gone by. We get glimpses of those.

Those precious moments of awakening.   And then we have to figure out how to schedule it. And in that process we kill the energy.

You see, time is not to be measured. It’s meant to be lived. So how do we do it?

First, we need to know ourselves. To give us a basic language to our soul to understand our needs to push forward. The thing is….we get stuck there. Again we buy into the notion that someone else, some form, some system can define us at a deep level. Some analysis, report, or survey, or report can define us. What we are saying we want to get out of, we step back into. The box. The box of knowing our gifts and challenges. We forget to look at different realities. Go into other areas of expertise.

Where has the magic gone? How can we step back into sacred time where magic resides? And then bring it back into this world we live in and take conscious action? It’s a fine dance that we make living on the edge of time. And to be honest, the majority of us get caught back in the illusion of the “real” world we live in.

We got it all wrong. We spend the majority of the day on activities that need to get done. On our schedule, our planner, the to dos, and we forget to ask for spiritual guidance and help to make it easier.

So, now, with this knowledge, we might be tempted to chuck it all away and go into a deep spiritual dive saying that is the way. But there again, we can get lost, if we don’t have our own spiritual map. To delve into the realm of limitless possibility means understanding yourself, your limits, your needs, your wounds, your gifts.

Everything is a portal in. And from there you access the knowledge you need. It’s powered by how you are sustaining yourself here on earth as well. Are you living your best life? Or are you pretending that you are? Do you sacrifice your life for impact? It doesn’t work that way. The impact will be directly proportionate to how you live your life. Full out, loving, living, enjoying, and having fun.

I have read a report recently that tells me how I’m creative, intuitive, like to inspire, and also have an ability to structure projects. It is all very true. However, these are boxes that are just a portal in. It’s using the words that access my brain to understand me. It doesn’t get to the deeper reality of what those words mean. They will give me actions to take, and define me with rules and boundaries. Yes, I’m ultra creative and need support to help get my creations out there. And I might not finish projects. But why is that? Because of my creative mind, or because I haven’t enlisted Spirit in a deep way to help me along the way?

We get limited by that which we seek. The explanation. Who am I? Why am I here? We think we have the answers. But…that is only one step of reality. There is so much more open for you.

Are you ready to join a world where boundaries don’t exist? After all, they are only in your imagination. This is a world where possibilities are endless, once you open up to them.

It’s time to get out of the boxes and create your own work of art. You, your impact, your life, the world, and whatever else you can conceive.

It’s time to step into sacred time, live there, and make a difference!

So many people have told me that I’m spacy, live in my own world. That I’m not of this world. And I wonder now. Which world are they talking about? Is it them who are not totally in the world? Why is it me? Why is it not them?

You see, the world that I inhabit is pretty magical. There are more possibilities. More abilities to create something amazing. It’s full of joy, wonder, experiences and beauty.  It also can provide strategy, easier paths, and more.

The pain we feel is when our reality seems like it is the only thing there.

I have to admit, I have lived a good childhood. I haven’t experienced things that some people have with deep trauma. Those instances many times had them dissociate from reality and access a different world to cope. It was the world they wanted to be in all along. Then they are told to get back into reality once again once they process everything.

We are the only creatures that limit ourselves so well. We have an amazing brain to think of new possibilities and then convince ourselves that they can’t possibly work.

Today, what do you choose to believe? Whose reality are you going to inhabit?


To be continued…..

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Much love,


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