The Unwritten Contract


Have you ever felt held back, incomplete, or never able to completely get over someone or something from the past, and wonder why?  It could be that you have an unwritten contract, and part of the essence of your soul has gone missing.  

It’s 2008, in one week I’m going to a week long intense shamanic training.  It’s the third in the series, and I’m wanting it to show up fast so that I can finish the learning from the last one.  These past 6 months have been intense and I’m ready for more lightness.

I notice an old blanket  in my linen closet that my old boyfriend from Spain gave me 21 years earlier, and wonder why I still have it.  I had fallen madly in love with him when I was younger.  I sense there is a connection or a bond that I never quite broke.  I throw the blanket out.

Two days later I get an email from Spain.  Hello, this is “name” from Spain.  I was just thinking of you, and looked you up.

21 years with no contact!  The blanket and then the email.  I panicked.  What did this mean?  I decided to wait to respond until I got back from my one week training on soul retrievals.  We were going to learn about soul contracts and retrieving lost parts of ourselves.

That email threw me back into the days of that giddy young girl so in love and having to leave to go back to the U.S.  When we broke up a year later, I had told him that I would always be there if he ever changed his mind.  Passionate words of a young girl in love.

It was an unwritten contract that kept me from truly loving another in a deeper way.

I went to my shamanic training, and processed all of these issues energetically.  I shifted the old contracts, and let go of my broken heart.  In that week of soul retrievals where lost pieces of me were returned, there were references to magic over and over.  I thought that odd.

When I returned home, I contacted my old boyfriend via email and we had good discussions and realized it wasn’t meant to be.  I had completed an old contract.

Three weeks later I met a magician by the name of MagicBrad.  I was planning on doing an art exhibit at his upcoming health and wellness expo, and met him for coffee.  I wondered how meeting him had anything to do with all my soul retrievals around magic.

Six months later, we went on a date.  I fell in love, got married, and found magic in a new relationship.

Unwritten contracts are often our words that we say in moments of passion, emotion, determination or more.  They can bind for months, years, decades and lifetimes if we are unaware.

They are not only what happens in relationships, but business as well.  In a different post I will share how a book I wanted to write was not able to be written until I let go of a contract I totally forgot I said.

But isn’t that way with unwritten contracts.  We often forget them, until it’s time to let them go.  Working with the energy helps uncover all of that. 

Please share with me here if this has resonated with you in any way.

In this year of releasing and completion, some unwritten contracts will be up for review.  It’s time to move on.  More is available for you.


P.S.  Are you interested in working deeper with the energies and why you do what you do in both life and business, and shift that?  Check out my  private mentoring with a twist HERE

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