Wishing you all a wonderful and joyful holiday season and Happy New Year!




This year has been one of “Letting Go of the Cultural Trance”.  Ideas you believed, people you trusted, systems that no longer work, businesses that no longer jazz you, models of life that had you working so hard you forgot to live life, and of course….world affairs and how you viewed them.

It’s no wonder that many of us want to be planning for the new year of new possibilities.  And at the same time, it’s important to honor what came before.  

Traditionally at this time of year, I recommend to everyone to do a reviewal of the months of this year and see what was amazing, what did you learn, what did you release, and what could you have done differently.  And I still recommend that.

However, this year is a major changing point for all of us.  It’s the end of an era.  A 9 year cycle that began in 2008.  It has been a cycle of learning about power in all its many facets.  Disempowerment, empowerment, money, manifestation, control (either over you or you wanting to control the outcome), anger, blame, shame, businesses, and more.  Over these years there have been struggles and it’s important to lay those to rest.

Right now, though, the energy of now is whispering to you to honor your power within.  Where did you listen to your intuition and do something different?  Where did you take control in areas of your life?  Finances, relationships, boundaries, and more.  Where did you trust and let Spirit guide you in a powerful way down a different path?

Where did you claim more of your life?  Where did you bring in more fun?  Where did you refuse to compromise your values and your life and empower yourself and others?  Where did you listen to your heart and soul and take action on your dreams?

Yes, it’s important to lay the past to rest.  Honor the challenges and bring them to ceremony as they are released.  


And it’s even more important to see how you triumphed!  These next days of the year are so important.  You will have time in the new year for new intentions and ways of being.  (So for those of you who feel behind on your new year intentions, don’t despair.  Now you see why.)

For now….honor your power.  Your creative power.  Your daring.  Your ability to be boldly you.  Ride this wave into the new year…..then create your intentions.

They will be that much more powerful!


I’m super excited at what 2017 will be for all of you, and the new cycle that is beginning.  I will be sharing a lot more in 2017.


Feel free to comment here on how you are claiming your power right now to ride into 2017 with more vitality and fun.



Side note:  As you can guess by this post, I won’t be offering anything new for those of you curious until the start of 2017.  It marks the beginning of a new era.  And that’s how I want to start with all of you.  I have some programs rolling out in January.  If you want to get a start on 2017, get on my calendar for the first week of January to see if there is something that is a fit for you.  Write to me at info@monicakenton.com to get a link to my calendar.

Peace and much love this holiday season!

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