Revealing The Layers

I have been sensing a lot of crazy energy this past week.  Excitement, hesitation, skepticism, despair, release, going with the flow, powerful insights and downloads, deep peace and more.  There have been major breakthroughs for people surrounding old energetic patterns that need to leave, lifetimes of ancestral patterns, old ideas of what “work” needs to be, and creating new ideas and foundations.  

This is a time of revealing the layers as you create new foundations, while releasing the old ones.  It can be liberating or painful.  It’s your choice.

Over this past week, I have had many ask me why I have changed my marketing, reduced my private mentoring and shamanic session prices, and let go of an old model I was using for my business.

It’s simple.  The old ways just didn’t work anymore.  On April 5, 2014 I asked Spirit to help me create something new and innovative that fueled my soul.  2 years to the day, my request was answered with my new business model.  During that time, many layers were revealed to me that needed to shift in order to fully step into the dream I didn’t even know I had.  Karmic and ancestral patterns, trance like states, the ability to receive, honoring my spiritual knowing, creating new and powerful boundaries, reading the history of the land, stepping into sacred time, and much more.  As I let go of the layers, then I was able to create a completely new foundation for myself.
This month, many of you are feeling some of those same feelings.   The old ways are not working, and you are sensing there is more underground, and in the layers for you.  

Now it’s time to explore new territory.  Here are some things to consider this month regarding your life, business/career.
1.  Are you setting new boundaries in all areas of your life that enhances your life and those you work with?
2.  Do you continue to put yourself at the end of your to-do list (or take yourself off completely)?
3.  Are you hitting an energetic barrier where whatever you seem to do ends in the same pattern?  It could be karmic, ancestral, or something you just don’t quite grasp yet.
4.  Are you second guessing the information coming to you from different sources?
5.  Are you accepting support as it is offered to you?
6.  Are you approaching old ideas with fresh thinking and a new perspective?
7.  Are you used to things being hard, and now they are easy, you are wondering what’s wrong?  If so, it’s time to enjoy what you have created.  
The layers are being revealed.
Over the past few days, I have seen massive meltdowns from people who have discovered old family or ancestral patterns that are blocking them.  They identified them, and shifted so that new paths open up to them.  Others who have a powerful intuitive connection right now giving them advice but they aren’t taking it simply because it doesn’t make sense logically.
These scenarios might be playing out in your life right now, or with someone you know.  It’s the energy of the times.  The key is to be aware and choose your reality.  Make it beautiful and sacred.

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