Dare to Be Different!
As we approach the new moon in Aquarius tomorrow, there is an opening to be different, take bold actions, flip things around, and release now what will hold you back from an amazing future vision.  
Back in 2005, I had a powerful dream….
“I am walking down a hallway with two wolves on either side of me.  They are beautiful, strong, and powerful.  I feel a deep connection with them.  As we are walking this dimly lit hallway I hear voices behind me and fear that someone will come for me.  I don’t bother to see who they are since I assume they want to stop me from going forward.  I run to the end of the hallway, and open the door.  There is an amazing light and brightness.  I’m excited, and yet I know that I cannot bring the wolves with me if I choose to go through this door.  I leave them behind and jump into the unknown.”  

A day after that dream, I find I have a goiter on my thyroid.  It can’t be seen by others, but it is there.  I just had finished doing an event for another person and compromised myself in the process.  I was not getting my voice out there and following my unique path.

I have gone back to that dream for years wondering why I left those wolves.  You see they are my spirit animals.  But I was afraid of the voices, and I assumed the bright light was where I was meant to go.  It seemed glamorous, exciting, and full of adventure.

It didn’t occur to me in the dream that those wolves and the voices behind me wanted me to slow down, and see the other rooms that were awaiting me that held much greater promise.

Over the course of the years, I reunited with those wolves.  I found the other room that I call “My Creativity Palace” and saw that there is much more than the glitz and the glamor I was searching for.

The bright lights?  They were just that.  And I gave a piece of my soul away to go there.  I learned, and now teach others not to do the same.  There is another easier way.

I share this story because right now more than ever we are getting the opportunity to connect in with our deeper soul parts.  The ones that will guide us to a better future for not only ourselves, but the world.

The thing is, we might not know the “voices” or trust our intuition.  We might disregard that dream of the bear, the wolf, the dolphin and instead go forward fast in a direction that serves as learning, but is not in our highest interest.

Right now we get to choose.   Listen deeply within.  Not all bright lights are your destiny.

Stay true to you.  Release the need to rush so fast.  You are always being guided.

Take time to truly listen.

Dare to be different.

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