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Wishing you a lovely day!

Wow!  What a year!  I have heard many of you say this wondering when this year will be over, so you can start anew.  And the truth is, we always say that near the end of a year.  This is such a beautiful time because we have the opportunity to continue to stay present to the magic happening in our lives and honor everything that has happened (and is still happening).  Soon enough, 2018 will be here ushering in new energy, and new learnings and triumphs.

I have spoke on facebook live about the energy of this month earlier.  You can catch that on my facebook business page here:  https://www.facebook.com/MonicaJeanKenton/

At the beginning of 2017, I started talking about this year being one of Conscious Re-Invention.  It is a global theme everywhere.  For some, this happens with dismantling of systems, beliefs, ways of being and more.  We have seen it in politics and all over the world.  And it also has happened to us as well.  For some, it may have been subtle, and for others it was a big wake-up call.  No matter how you gained the insight, it’s important to integrate the learning so that you can move on to more flow, ease and grace which is coming up in 2018.  That flow can only happen when properly making space for it.  

So, here are some questions to ponder as you close out this year of Conscious Re-Invention.  (I love to do this process going month by month and seeing what has happened “for me”, instead of “to me”.)

  • ​What were the triumphs you experienced?
  • How are you celebrating those triumphs?
  • What were the challenges and how did you overcome them?
  • Where were you asked to be open to new perspectives to life, business or both?
  • Where did you resist or argue?  Try to control or stay in suffering or pain?  Why did you do that?
  • What new ideas have been showing up for you that make you excited and joyful?  Those are the ones wanting attention?
  • What did you have to protect this year to stay true to you?  Boundaries, creativity, time with friends and family, spiritual values, or more.  How has this strengthened you over the year?
  • For whom and what are you grateful?  Remember, the simplest things are often the best.
  • Where were you too hard on yourself?  How are you going to end that pattern this year and not bring it into 2018?
  • How have you looked at love in a new way?  With yourself as well as others?
  • Have you stayed out of drama, both in your life and in the news?  How did that serve you?
  • What are your bigger dreams that are beginning to surface?  Some might have been ones you forgot about from years ago.  Some of them are ones that you need to release to make space for new ones.
  • How are you becoming more aligned with your spiritual truth?
  • Have you been honoring your body and taking good care of yourself?
  • How many rules of yours did you break this year?  The ones that held you back and you didn’t realize.
  • How are you learning to have more compassion and less judgment on all levels?
  • What were the things that you tried out that you don’t want to pursue?  What are the ones that you do want to investigate further?

These are just a few questions that pertain to the energy of this year.  Pick which ones resonate and leave the rest.  Remember after closing out your year to say thank-you and good-bye.  Everything serves our growth.  Some of them in strange ways.  It’s about having gratitude and then releasing to Spirit, God, Universe.

As you have noticed, this year was one of tremendous growth as individuals.  We had the opportunity to really focus on what is right for us in a new cycle of alignment, greater good for humanity, and dreaming bigger.  There are still 2 weeks left of this year to truly focus on you.  We won’t have this energy show up again until August of 2018.  I encourage you to continue to go deep within and get all the clues and signs still coming your way.  

As of December 22, 2017, I will be on a creative hiatus until January 2nd.  I will share more about the energy of the next year on Soul Connections, deep intuition, big dreaming, and mystical magic.  I will also introduce some new offerings.  If you know you want a session for the first week of January or a numerology reading, please reply to this email and I can get you set up for the first two weeks of January.  That way the energy starts moving now for you.  

Wishing you all an amazing holiday season as you celebrate that which has deep and profound meaning to you.  Remember to love, enjoy and find joy in everything.  It makes life so much more vibrant and fun.


Feel free to comment and share what is showing up for you!

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